Allan Peters

Allan Peters’ ‘Gram is fun and illuminating, in that it often includes the sketchbook work that leads to the slick and elegant logos and brand-marks he creates for bucket-list dream clients, like TARGET, Patagonia, Nike and IKEA. 

Jay “JPEG” Fletcher 

The combination of gorgeous, balanced, refined geometry and bold, often surprising, custom typography makes Jay Fletcher’s work reliably stunning — and reliably jealousy-inducing. 

The Young Jerks

The Young Jerks’ (Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson) design work is characterized by a hand-rendered feel and a fun, irreverent, Brooklyn-influenced aesthetic.


Doublenaut Design

Doublenaut Design, operating out of Toronto Canada, creates an outstanding mix of swanky branding, illustration & poster design for enviable international clients like Adidas, Nike & Facebook.

Steve Wolf Designs

Steve Wolf’s design and art prints always remind me of that Outkast song — “so fresh and so clean”.